On 1st September 2000, in line with the Privatization Program of the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Taiheiyo Cement Corporation (TCC), Japan, acquired the full 100% share held by the previous owners, PNG Government and Halla Corporation of South Korea, and became PNG Taiheiyo Cement Ltd.

The company is the sole cement manufacturer in PNG and is situated at the waterfront, right next to Lae International / Domestic Port. Commercial operation began in 1993 following successful commissioning of the plant. It manufactures Ordinary Portland Cement Type I in accordance with USA’s ASTM C150, which is equivalent to General Purpose Portland Cement (Type GP) specified in AS3972 (Australian Standard).

The company imports all quality raw materials such as clinker from TCC in Japan, processes (grinds), packs and finally distributes cement to domestic and export customers. The plant is the most modern and the first of its kind in the South Pacific area.  It is fully automated, integrating the latest technology with sophisticated control of quality, environment and safety.


Building Tomorrow’s PNG with Paradise Cement: Crafting Foundations of Strength and Sustainability


PNG Taiheiyo Cement is steadfast in its commitment to generating added value for all stakeholders. Our pledge extends to our valued customers, dedicated employees, the local community, Papua New Guinea as a whole, and our esteemed shareholders. By consistently delivering excellence and innovation.

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